Sunflower Sleepover 

Camp, Gumnuts, Juniors, Seniors, Sleepover, Sunflower Challenge

Carrum & Mentone Guides having sleepover at hall Saturday 16th September. If you wish your daughter to attend, transfer $15 before Thursday, email & attach permission forms. Thursday is last day to register due to catering. 

Forms attached to previous post about Sunflower 🌻 Sleepover 

Any questions, please contact us via comments here, text or email us @

Sunflower Sleepover – 16th September 2017

Camp, Gumnuts, Jamboree 2018, Juniors, Seniors, Sleepover, Sunflower Challenge

When: Saturday 16th September to Sunday 17th September 2017

Where: Carrum Community Guide Hall

Time: 3pm Saturday to 10am Sunday

Cost: $15.00 per guide (includes dinner & breakfast)

Why: Sunflower Challenge – statewide challenge with skype to other units around the state participating & increasing the awareness of guides plus promoting within the community.

Seniors will be sleeping in tents (full bed rolls needed) – juniors who will be attending the Jamboree next year are asked to sleep outside with full bedding rolls on this sleepover for experience. – see kit list attached

Juniors / Gumnuts will be sleeping inside the hall – see kit list attached

Kit List for Sunflower Sleepover

Please return the following form & payment by 12th September  ADM27 for Sleepover

Sleepover @ Hall – Saturday 17th September 2016

Camp, Gumnuts, Indoor Camping, Juniors, Seniors, Sleepover

Attention all Juniors & Seniors!

Sleepover @ Hall this Saturday 17th Sept from 3pm till 9am Sunday 18th Sept. RSVP by Friday (bring forms to sleepover or email to me by Friday).

Gumnuts, optional if you want to stay overnight, however you are welcome to attend for dinner (pizza) & movie. Please fill in the forms & notify me of what your drop off & pick up times are for catering purposes.

ADM27ActivityConsentFormYouthMembers – fill in both sides of this form please.

$10 per guide to attend ($5 if just for pizza)

All guides will be sleeping inside the hall (as there is construction outside at the back) Seniors will be in tents & juniors against the walls.

What to bring: –

  1. Sleeping Bag / Sleep Mat
  2. Warm Blanket & Pillow / Favourite Teddy
  3. Rain Jacket / Warm Jacket for outside activities (at night)
  4. Torch
  5. Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Hair Brush / Hair Ties
  6. Change of clothes / PJ’s / Underwear & Socks
  7. Dilly Bag – bag with following unbreakable items included (Plate, Bowl, Cup, Knife / Fork / Spoon) – don’t need a tea towel as we have plenty at the hall.

Please make sure that your daughter knows where everything is & can pack her bag herself. Makes it easier on all those assisting at event if all guides can look after their own belongings.

Any questions, please call Bickie (Tamara)