ANZAC Day ‘Saluting their Service’ Badge

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In 2018, the ANZAC Day ‘Saluting their Service’ Badge will focus on life at home during times of war.  Guides are encouraged to conduct research or undertake activities focusing on life at home during times of war.


Logo and tagline have been used with permission from the Department of Veterans Affairs

Commonwealth Games Challenge – Juniors

Badges, Commonwealth Games 2018, Juniors

Hi Juniors,

We are going to work on the badge “Embracing 2018 – Commonwealth Games Challenge” in the first few weeks of Term 2.

I have a challenge for you before we start next week……..

  • Find out the motto of the Commonwealth Games & talk about what it means to you.

Bring along to junior guides your answer to what the motto is & what it means to you.

Bickie (Tamara)


Badges, Gumnuts

This week at Gumnut Guides, we are going to try and complete our fire badge. This is our first ‘Create a Challenge’ badge for the lovely new sashes.

Our four challenges are:

Light a candle

Cook a marshmallow over a candle

Learn a new campfire song

Make an edible campfire on a biscuit.

It will be a very busy night!

Looking forward to seeing you all then.


Junior Guides

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Welcome back to Junior Guides! We started our wacky patches in our patrols! More wacky challenges on next week! Pelican patrol have asked everyone to bring along either a newspaper or a full toilet roll. As a patrol they will be using newspaper & toilet paper for dressing up! 

Program for the term will be posted on site soon! Here is some important reminders:- 

  1. Please help us to sell our Guide Biscuits 🍪- take a bag next week at Guides! Make sure you write your name down on list & sign when you return money. 
  2. Parent Roster will be out soon! Make sure you are registered with Guides Vic as a volunteer in order to help at Guides! Remember your assistance is required to ensure our program can be run effectively 
  3. Save the date – December 3rd at Braeside Park for a family bbq with Mentone Guides 
  4. Tuesday 28th November- Junior BP & BP Presentation at Hall! All parents are invited to attend plus hopefully the State Team for Guides Vic can attend