Badge & Gem Ideas

“Create a Challenge Badge” Ideas

Junior Guides – Hands Badge

Environmental Badge Ideas

Agility – Juniors

Agility – Seniors

Emergency Badge

Water – Seniors

Juniors – Girl Badge

Juniors – Home Badge

Juniors – Knotting Badge

Wacky Corner

Discover a Challenge (Gems)

Some ideas to get you started! 10 challenges are needed to complete the gem (making sure you cover Physical, People, Practical & Self). These challenges are located in the back of each of the Guide Handbooks

Guide Handbook 1 – Turquoise (minimum start age is 5 years old)

  • Taste a new fruit or vegetable. Tell your patrol what you thought
  • Go for a walk in the park. What did you see? What did you hear? What did you smell? Write it down or draw pictures & share with your unit
  • Practise throwing & catching balls of different sizes
  • Do 3 good turns in a week
  • Bring a friend to guides
  • Make a picture out of natural materials such as leaves, bark or sand
  • Know how to clean a cut & put on a bandaid
  • Know your full name, your parents names & address
  • Remember a short message & pass it on

Guide Handbook 1 – Topaz (minimum start age is 6 years old)

  • Drink water instead of cordial or soft drink for one week
  • How many times can you skip with a single rope without stopping? How many times can you do it after practising for one week?
  • Help sell Guide Biscuits
  • Think of a good turn you can do for someone at home. Do your best to do it daily for one week
  • Show how you can tie knots by making a mobile, bracelet or pom pom
  • Wipe the table & sweep the floors for one week at home
  • Play Kim’s Game
  • For one week, do your best to smile when you feel like complaining!

Guide Handbook 2 – Amethyst (minimum start age is 7 years old)

  • For one week, keep a diary of the fruits & vegetables you eat (use pictures & words in your diary)
  • Earn “Create a Challenge Badge” Trees or Water badges
  • Promote Guides in your community e.g. poster at school or local library
  • Pack for a sleepover or camp & attend event
  • Show how to tie your shoelaces
  • Attend regular meetings for 5 weeks & wear your uniform correctly

Guide Handbook 2 – Garnet (minimum start age is 8 years old)

  • Help prepare a meal for your family
  • Participate in an environmental activity such as tree planting or Clean Up Australia Day
  • For 4 weeks, do a helpful job that your Guide Leader has chosen for you!
  • Organise & run a game that every member of your patrol can play
  • Find out how to send a simple message using morse code, phonetic alphabet, semaphore or sign language
  • Make something you can wear
  • Spend a whole day without playing with your toys, watching TV or playing with computer. Tell your unit what you did instead!

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