Guides Tonight & Next Week – Please Read – IMPORTANT


Hi All,

Hall construction is still happening at the hall. Concrete was poured Monday (yesterday).

Due to the ongoing construction we have decided to cancel guides tonight & next week. Please acknowledge this message & pass it on to other guide members.

Also next week, I will be attending my daughters presentation night at Chelsea PS & school interviews (plus any other guides at Chelsea PS – Seniors).

Due to the construction, we have postponed the sleepover to July 28th – more details to follow soon. With no front yard to play in, the back yard will have tents, plus any other issues that might arise before then, we have made the decision to postpone.



Girl Guides Cancelled Tonight


Please share with everyone ASAP

We have just been to Hall & the contractors are still concreting at front entrance with no access to hall. Unfortunately we cannot access & due to OHS reasons we cannot risk it. We have only just found out now – please spread the word

See you next week.

Junior & Gumnut Guides – Help Needed Tonight


Hi All,

Due to reasons beyond my control I do not have enough parent helpers to run Junior & Gumnut guides tonight. Ratios are important for both the safety & the enjoyment of guides. I have numerous leaders unavailable to attend tonight plus parents who are not well who were going to attend.

If you can assist, please comment here. Without parent help, I will have to postpone our cooking night tonight as I cannot run all activities on the adult ratio i currently have.


Jamboree Participants – Victorian Contingent Camp

Jamboree 2018

To Jamboree 2018 Participants attending Victoria Contingent Camp on Friday 25-27th May 2018 in Seymour……….

There is a few jamboree participants attending the camp from our unit. Carpooling is going to be our best option as Seymour camp is approximately 160kms one way. I have had a few parents indicate they can car pool a few guides Friday night & a few parents who are available Sunday for car pooling.

I have to pick up Jess early on Sunday due to another girl guide commitment in Moorabbin from 1pm-7pm. I can bring home a few guides if they are willing to leave at 10:30am Sunday (if so, you need to advise the contingent leader in advance).

Please comment here if you can assist with car pooling either Friday or Sunday.

Jamboree Participants- Outdoors Skills Camp this weekend


Attention all attending Outdoor Skills Camp this weekend

Please pack a dinner for your daughter to have once we get to camp Friday night

After we put up tents we will serve your daughter a warm snack (cup a soup)

We will not allow food on the bus however when we arrive (around 6:30) we will ask girls to have their packed dinner then get straight into putting up tents

Meet at my house by 5 please

ANZAC Day ‘Saluting their Service’ Badge

Anzac Day, Badges, Girl Guides Victoria, Gumnuts, Juniors, Kingston District, Seniors, Service

In 2018, the ANZAC Day ‘Saluting their Service’ Badge will focus on life at home during times of war.  Guides are encouraged to conduct research or undertake activities focusing on life at home during times of war.


Logo and tagline have been used with permission from the Department of Veterans Affairs

Girl Guides Starts Tuesday

Anzac Day, Gumnuts, Juniors, Kingston District, Seniors, Service, Uniform

Gumnuts & Juniors starts at 6:15pm Tuesday- remember juniors need to bring along Commonwealth Games challenge. Junior Parent Roster will be at sign in table for parents to fill in. Remember Child Safety Laws – we need you to be registered with Guides Vic before assisting this term with juniors/gumnuts. Please call/text me if you need assistance with this needed urgently. Parent helpers are essential to both a successful program & appropriate ratios of leaders/adults to youth members.

Seniors starts at 7:15pm

Please remember to wear full uniform each week & bring along any handbook & Badge books.

Anzac Day March forms have been sent – please check your email inboxes as they now come directly from Guides Vic.

Let me know if you don’t receive an email by Tuesday – Bickie.

Jamboree Participants – Outdoor Skills Camp

Jamboree 2018, Kingston District, Outdoor Skills, Patrols, Seniors

Hi Jamboree Participants (10+ attending Sydney Jamboree in Sept 2018),

Permission Form & Health Form for Outdoor Skills Camp have been sent to you via email directly from Girl Guides Vic (new structure).

If you haven’t received these forms, please email me (Tamara).

Kit list – Outdoor Skills Kit List. – it is essential that all items on this list are brought to camp (plus they will be needed for Jamboree too)

We will be travelling on the Chelsea Primary School mini bus to & from camp via Bickie’s house – all details in the forms already emailed to you.

It is essential that all Jamboree Participants (except for Jas & Ruth – who are experienced at outdoor camping & are attending Lady Stradbroke Competition 2 weeks later) attend this camp. All participants need several nights under canvas plus experience at camping plus experience at cooking outdoors.

Any questions, please contact Bickie directly via email or mobile (Tamara)