Term 3 Guides Starts Tonight


Hi everyone,
We start back tonight! We are running the following times for our program this term: –
– Gumnuts & Juniors 6:00pm – 6:45pm
– Seniors, Pre-Rangers & Rangers 7:00pm – 8:15pm
We are running some awesome programs this term however we needed to streamline our timing. We will endeavour to make the timing as best as we can whilst delivering an awesome program.
Seniors, Pre-Rangers & Rangers to bring along dilly bags if possible.
Please remember if you are 12 years or older, please bring along a face mask if you cannot socially distance. Please also remember to bring along a drink bottle to keep yourself hydrated through out the night (a good girl guide is always prepared!)
We will be running our attendance via team app. We ask that parents please drop off & pick up your daughter in the front outside foyer of the hall (Please try to refrain from coming into the hall – we have a maximum of 35 only allowed inside the hall at any one time).
See you tonight 🙂

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