Reminder DISCO Tuesday – BOOK HERE


Reminder DISCO Tuesday – Click here to book

Bring a friend, book at above to let us know numbers…….

$5 for snacks including fundraising for Jamboree 2018



PJ’s Disco (plus Bring-a-Friend)


Book here for our end of term Disco (plus Bring-a-Friend) night

Come dressed up in your PJ’s for a DISCO

Bring-a-Friend ……………..

For numbers, please book here. Book Here

Snack & Drink provided for $5 (with a portion going towards our Jamboree 2018 participants) – you can attend disco for free or order your snacks for the night.

Astro booking


With regard to the optional Astro night – apparently there is a comment on the try booking site about leaders booking for the group – I’ve contacted the MPAS people and told them that anyone who attends from our Guides will be booking directly – and they were happy with that. Ignore the comment and go ahead and book if you want to attend. Jasmine and I are planning to be there – we’ll cross our fingers for clear skies!

FYI – Space Night at Mt Martha


The Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society are putting on another night specifically designed for helping kids achieve the Guides’ and Scouts’ Outer Space Badge. This event is located at the observatory in Mt Martha during Science Week (Friday 24th August). This event is organised through the Astronomy Club, and not through Girl Guides – All bookings are made through MPAS and Girls would need to organise their own transport and have an adult with them. Let Blossom know if you are planning to attend.

Mr. Blossom is part of the organising team at MPAS

Sleepover Movie Choice


Please select your movie choice for tomorrow night’s sleepover ………

remember the movie with the most votes will be watched.