The Promise and Law Means to Me – By Catherine (Junior Guide)

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The Promise and Law Means to Me:

Helping and respecting other guides.

Thinking about others before myself.

In activities making sure everyone gets their ideas heard.

Being responsible with my learning.

Being brave when trying new activities.

Always doing my best.

Working hard when completing challenges.

Making choices for a better world.

And always wearing my uniform with pride.

By Catherine Cole


Junior Term 4 Program – Parent Helpers Needed

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Term 4 Program for Juniors here

Parents are asked to assist where they can to make sure our program is running effectively & efficiently with lots of laughter & fun! Please add your name next to a week you would like to help. Remember to register (it’s free) with Guides Victoria via  before you assist at guides.

We need your help to run the program, please add your name in the comments below with the date you request to help. The more help we have the better the program can be.

Gumnuts – sashes

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As the Gumnuts have been working so hard to achieve their Gem badges and other special badges, the leaders have decided that it is appropriate to offer the Gumnuts the option of purchasing and wearing a sash for their badges.  This is totally optional.  
I’m afraid that there isn’t a perfect time to introduce this change as there will always be girls who have been attending for a while, and I apologise if it causes any upset to anyone.  I thought if we started it now, the girls that are heading into juniors at the start of next year will also get a chance to get their sash and gumnut badge prior to their promise ceremony.  We might even manage to work on a ‘create a challenge’ badge this term! 

We are offering the gumnut-sized sashes to be purchased for $20 which will include the Flowering Gum patrol badge, the unit and region tapes and the state emblem.  Of course there will be plenty of room for all the badges that will be earned as they move through their guiding adventure. 

The (very special) promise ceremony will still take place once the girls get to 7 years old and move into juniors. 





Some of our rocks are already on the move!

If you took some rocks to leave in local parks – don’t forget to ‘drop’ them off somewhere.  I dropped one of our Rocks on the bike path outside the Aspendale Scout Hall. 

If anyone is on Facebook – you can see where some of our rocks have been found and rehidden on the VIC ROCKS site.  One was loved so much by the ‘finder’ that it’s going to be kept for a while.

We’ll be dropping some more near the Magic School Bus next Tuesday. 


Junior Guides

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Welcome back to Junior Guides! We started our wacky patches in our patrols! More wacky challenges on next week! Pelican patrol have asked everyone to bring along either a newspaper or a full toilet roll. As a patrol they will be using newspaper & toilet paper for dressing up! 

Program for the term will be posted on site soon! Here is some important reminders:- 

  1. Please help us to sell our Guide Biscuits 🍪- take a bag next week at Guides! Make sure you write your name down on list & sign when you return money. 
  2. Parent Roster will be out soon! Make sure you are registered with Guides Vic as a volunteer in order to help at Guides! Remember your assistance is required to ensure our program can be run effectively 
  3. Save the date – December 3rd at Braeside Park for a family bbq with Mentone Guides 
  4. Tuesday 28th November- Junior BP & BP Presentation at Hall! All parents are invited to attend plus hopefully the State Team for Guides Vic can attend

Sunflower Sleepover 

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Carrum & Mentone Guides having sleepover at hall Saturday 16th September. If you wish your daughter to attend, transfer $15 before Thursday, email & attach permission forms. Thursday is last day to register due to catering. 

Forms attached to previous post about Sunflower 🌻 Sleepover 

Any questions, please contact us via comments here, text or email us @