Sunflower Sleepover 

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Carrum & Mentone Guides having sleepover at hall Saturday 16th September. If you wish your daughter to attend, transfer $15 before Thursday, email & attach permission forms. Thursday is last day to register due to catering. 

Forms attached to previous post about Sunflower 🌻 Sleepover 

Any questions, please contact us via comments here, text or email us @


Gumnuts, Sleepover, Sunflower Challenge, Yarn Art Trail

We have had lots of fun at Gumnuts tonight! 

We all had a go at lighting a candle with a match.  It was very exciting and the Gumnuts would probably like to practice this at home- please remind them that it is ONLY with a grown up next to them.

Next week I won’t be at Gumnuts, so the Gumnut patrol will be joining with the Juniors. This will be great practice for when they turn 7 and get to go up to Junior Guides.  

The following week – the 12th September is our special person night. It would be great if they could bring a special grown up to be a Gumnut for a night. 

Gumnuts are welcome to come to the Sunflower Sleepover on Saturday the 16th of September for as much or as little time as they are able to. Jasmine and I will be there all night. 



Sunflower Sleepover – 16th September 2017

Camp, Gumnuts, Jamboree 2018, Juniors, Seniors, Sleepover, Sunflower Challenge

When: Saturday 16th September to Sunday 17th September 2017

Where: Carrum Community Guide Hall

Time: 3pm Saturday to 10am Sunday

Cost: $15.00 per guide (includes dinner & breakfast)

Why: Sunflower Challenge – statewide challenge with skype to other units around the state participating & increasing the awareness of guides plus promoting within the community.

Seniors will be sleeping in tents (full bed rolls needed) – juniors who will be attending the Jamboree next year are asked to sleep outside with full bedding rolls on this sleepover for experience. – see kit list attached

Juniors / Gumnuts will be sleeping inside the hall – see kit list attached

Kit List for Sunflower Sleepover

Please return the following form & payment by 12th September  ADM27 for Sleepover