Plastic Free Pledge

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Go plastic free in July! 

Juniors made a pledge at guides to reduce, reuse & recycle ♻️. Say no to single use plastic like straws, plastic bags & plastic cups! They made badges to wear & one for a friend to wear. Spread the word & go plastic Free!. Part of the EnviroGuide Badge 2017 (to be sewn on back of sash). 


Tuesday 20th June – Juniors

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Juniors, Tuesday 20th is last night for Term 2 for badges!

We will finish another challenge for the Environmental Guide Badge & have time for any other badges plus if any guide has a game they want to run in their patrols, we will have time allocated.

We have guest speakers organised by Mikalya arriving at 6:15 to talk with us about the book collection.

If you want to know more, here is the criteria for the badge Enviro Guide Tacklebox (compressed) EnviroGuide Brochure 2017

Environmental Guide 2017 

Badges, Environmental Guide, Girl Guides, Girl Guides Victoria, Gumnuts, Juniors, Seniors, Service

Last night we started our Enviro Badge.  Juniors & Gumnuts to complete 5 challenges for the badge. One from Awareness, Action, Service & Impact plus one extra. At guides last night, many guides completed two challenges (Impact – Recycling Game & Action – Story of the Earth).

Next week at guides, will make badges for the guides to wear stating to Refuse plastics that escape as litter (e.g. straws, takeaway cups, utensils, balloons)” 

Plastic Free July