Parent Helpers Needed – Tuesday 30th

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Dear Parents

We need your help next week – Tuesday 30th April for Juniors, Gumnuts & Pre-Rangers

Gumnuts & Juniors – We are doing Mothers Day Craft & need a few extra set of hands.

Pre-Rangers (12+ guides) – I need someone to help sew happy pants please. With sewing machine or overlocker.

Juniors we need 2-3 parents helpers with current Working With Children Check

Gumnuts we need 2 parents helpers with current Working With Children Check

(if you don’t have one, we can arrange for one through Guides Vic at no charge)

Unfortunately I won’t be at guides on Tuesday so I ask if you can please assist as a few more helping hands makes our program fun, exciting & enjoyable.

❤️ Bickie

Juniors – Parent Help Needed Tonight & Next Week

Christmas Craft, Gumnuts, Juniors, Parent Help, Program

Hi Junior Parents,

We are doing Christmas Craft tonight & making Christmas Card next week.

If you could assist with either weeks, we would be forever grateful.

We are “hot glueing” tonight…………

Christmas Card Making next week if you are creative……………

I already have 2 parent helpers tonight, but I think a 3rd pair of adult hands would be greatly appreciated & I have no helpers for next week…….

Remember, working with children checks need to be sighted, or better still you can register as a unit volunteer with Carrum Girl Guides at

Thanks in Advance, Bickie

Junior & Gumnut Guides – Easter Craft

Easter Craft, Gumnuts, Juniors, Parent Help

Junior & Gumnut Guides are making these for Easter Craft!

Please bring along next week a washed, cleaned & dry 400g tin (crushed tomatoes or fruit). We will be spray painting them in preparation for Tuesday 20th March.

Can I request a parent to source some bulbs or seedlings to use in this craft. Please see Bickie before purchasing.

Parent helpers needed – so far we have 1 parent helping, we need 2 more (1 for gumnuts & 1 more for juniors)

Term 1 Program for Junior Guides

Juniors, Parent Help, Program

Term 1 Program for Juniors is here

Junior Parents / Guardians – we need help tonight plus a few other nights during our guide night. Tonight we are making pancakes! A few extra pair of hands would be great! Remember you must have a WWC & please make sure you are registered as a volunteer with Guides Victoria.

If you wish to put your name against our program, please comment here. Any questions please let me know. Bickie.

Help Needed – Sunday 26th November – PLEASE…………..

Gumnuts, Juniors, Kingston District, Parent Help, Seniors

Hi All,

The council are renovating our outdoor space (then eventually our store rooms & inside of the hall by March-April 2018). They are commencing moving of our sheds next week.

We need a few parents to help move the contents of our sheds into a temporary solution in our backyard of the guide hall on Sunday 26th of November from 4pm onwards (hopefully for an hour only if we get enough helpers). The contents of the shed include gadget wood, fire pits, wood for burning, gas stoves, shelving & an old cupboard plus lots of plastic storage………

The council are relocating our shed further up the backyard onto a concrete slab & they commence work on Monday 27th November.

Please comment here or message me (Bickie) to advise if you can assist for an hour or so.

FREE – 2x Auto Tents (20+ years old) 12 x 12 foot with metal poles (4 corner poles & 1 centre pole) Need gone from our hall ASAP due to renovations commencing soon. Message me for pick up details (advertised on facebook too)


Junior Term 4 Program – Parent Helpers Needed

Juniors, Parent Help, Program

Term 4 Program for Juniors here

Parents are asked to assist where they can to make sure our program is running effectively & efficiently with lots of laughter & fun! Please add your name next to a week you would like to help. Remember to register (it’s free) with Guides Victoria via  before you assist at guides.

We need your help to run the program, please add your name in the comments below with the date you request to help. The more help we have the better the program can be.

Volunteering with Guides

Girl Guides, Girl Guides Victoria, Gumnuts, Juniors, Longbeach District, Parent Help, Seniors

As of January 2017, the Victorian Government introduced new legislation for managing staff and volunteers who come in contact with children. Girl Guides Victoria has always had strong processes to comply with the law and ensure that girls’ safety comes first.

Click here to read more

Who needs to follow this process?

People interested in volunteering with Guides have lots of different reasons for wanting to volunteer. Some want to become Youth Leaders and work with girls on an on-going basis, while others want to volunteer with specific skills or on short-term projects; others just want to help out occasionally.  Irrespective of the reason or frequency, the legislation and Girl Guide’s Victoria’s processes apply to ALL VOLUNTEERS who may come into contact with girls in Guides more than once a term.  This includes a parent helper, a member of a support group, a unit leader, assistant leader or junior leader over 18, or those doing regular fundraising.

When can volunteers start?

Volunteers may begin regular (more than once a term) volunteering with Guides once they have met four criteria and are registered on our database as a member.  These include:

  1. Two satisfactory personal character reference checks
  2. An approved Police Check
  3. A valid Working with Children Check
  4. Completed member registration details

All steps must be completed prior to any volunteer starting in their role. Please allow plenty of time BEFORE you want to start. The legislation is VERY clear that these checks are necessary before a volunteer can start work.

Note:  When a Youth Member turns 18, she is considered by law to be an adult.  Even if she is not finished school, attending Guides once 18 will require the same process to be followed. The Volunteer Coordinator will kick off this process; Unit leaders do not need to take any action.

Getting started

If you are a volunteer that is ready to start with your Unit/District/Region, then just start the process by emailing us with your details (your name and Unit/District/Region) and theirs (name, email and the role that they’ll be volunteering in). We’ll take the next steps to get you registered.

Term Program for Junior Guides

Parent Help, Program

Please find attached current Term 3 Junior Program. It might change slightly so please look at the one located at Click Here for any updates.

Term 3 2017 Program

I need parent help each week at guides. Its for both for assisting with the program but also towards an adult/child ratio for supervision.

It is asked that all parents register with Girl Guides Vic – access here 

Registration is free of charge.

Any questions please contact me Bickie (Tamara)