Help Needed – Sunday 26th November – PLEASE…………..

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Hi All,

The council are renovating our outdoor space (then eventually our store rooms & inside of the hall by March-April 2018). They are commencing moving of our sheds next week.

We need a few parents to help move the contents of our sheds into a temporary solution in our backyard of the guide hall on Sunday 26th of November from 4pm onwards (hopefully for an hour only if we get enough helpers). The contents of the shed include gadget wood, fire pits, wood for burning, gas stoves, shelving & an old cupboard plus lots of plastic storage………

The council are relocating our shed further up the backyard onto a concrete slab & they commence work on Monday 27th November.

Please comment here or message me (Bickie) to advise if you can assist for an hour or so.

FREE – 2x Auto Tents (20+ years old) 12 x 12 foot with metal poles (4 corner poles & 1 centre pole) Need gone from our hall ASAP due to renovations commencing soon. Message me for pick up details (advertised on facebook too)


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