Volunteering with Guides

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As of January 2017, the Victorian Government introduced new legislation for managing staff and volunteers who come in contact with children. Girl Guides Victoria has always had strong processes to comply with the law and ensure that girls’ safety comes first.

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Who needs to follow this process?

People interested in volunteering with Guides have lots of different reasons for wanting to volunteer. Some want to become Youth Leaders and work with girls on an on-going basis, while others want to volunteer with specific skills or on short-term projects; others just want to help out occasionally.  Irrespective of the reason or frequency, the legislation and Girl Guide’s Victoria’s processes apply to ALL VOLUNTEERS who may come into contact with girls in Guides more than once a term.  This includes a parent helper, a member of a support group, a unit leader, assistant leader or junior leader over 18, or those doing regular fundraising.

When can volunteers start?

Volunteers may begin regular (more than once a term) volunteering with Guides once they have met four criteria and are registered on our database as a member.  These include:

  1. Two satisfactory personal character reference checks
  2. An approved Police Check
  3. A valid Working with Children Check
  4. Completed member registration details

All steps must be completed prior to any volunteer starting in their role. Please allow plenty of time BEFORE you want to start. The legislation is VERY clear that these checks are necessary before a volunteer can start work.

Note:  When a Youth Member turns 18, she is considered by law to be an adult.  Even if she is not finished school, attending Guides once 18 will require the same process to be followed. The Volunteer Coordinator will kick off this process; Unit leaders do not need to take any action.

Getting started

If you are a volunteer that is ready to start with your Unit/District/Region, then just start the process by emailing us with your details (your name and Unit/District/Region) and theirs (name, email and the role that they’ll be volunteering in). We’ll take the next steps to get you registered.

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