Sarah Littler’s Moon Phase Activity


Hello Seniors

Next week on Zoom I will be running a Moon Phase activity. With the document attached could you please: either Print it out, or come and collect one from my house. 
My address is 9 Breeze Street Bonbeach, if you live further than 5km then you can pick up tonight, otherwise you can come anytime, before next Tuesday.

You Will Also Need
. Black, blue pen or grey lead pencil
.Sticky tape/stapler

See you all on Zoom next week! 😀

Regards Sarah 😀
(Only for Seniors)

Badge Blog – by Sarah Littler


Dear Junior and Senior Guides,

I’m Sarah and I would like you to write a few sentences about a badge you’ve earnt. Then I’m going to share what you wrote on the blog, to inspire other Guides to do extra badges.

This would count for one of my activities towards my leadership two trefoil.

I would appreciate your badge report as soon as possible.

You can give it to me in person or send it to me at:

Thank you

Kind Regards

Sarah Littler.

Bottle Top Collecting! by Sarah Littler


During Term Three, as one of my BP challenges the Dolphin patrol and I were collecting bottle tops for Envision, who make prosthetic hands for disadvantaged children out of recycled plastic.

In the holidays I took 1,450 bottle tops to Envision.

At Envision I saw a 3D printer and a hand. I even got to bring home a finger, which I could show my patrol.

Thank you  to the Dolphin patrol for helping me collect bottle tops.

If you bring anymore bottle tops please remember that the bottle tops have to be washed clean and with a recycling code 2 or 4.


Sarah Littler.

Imaginarium camp by Sarah Littler


In the September school holidays my sister, Ruth and I went off to a six day State Jamboree camp at Lingbogol.

It all started on Friday when we arrived at Lingbogol campsite, Creswick. We played a bingo game to get to know other guides and then we put up the tents so we had a place to sleep. Then it was lunch time and for lunch we had sausages in bread.

Very soon it was Saturday and we had a basket and you had to go round to each leader’s station. There you would do activity and then get a clue for what your fairy tale would be. When you found out what your story was you would have to change some of the story. Ours was Little Red Riding Hood and we changed it to Little Lilac Hood.

Sunday came like a flash; we shared our fractured fairy tales and then got to meet some Australian animals. We saw a python; ring tailed possum, tawny frog mouth and some lizards.

Monday was an early morning because we were going to Fun Fields at Whittlesea. At Fun Fields there were dry rides and wet rides but all of them are fun. It was late when we were driving back so we had McDonalds for dinner.

Camps nearly over but still more fun, on Tuesday we went on an adventure to Creswick woollen mill. We got to see alpacas, goats and sheep. There were babies and adults and the baby alpaca chewed on some of my hair. Then we went inside to see all the different items they made from the wool. In the afternoon we had messy activities like ice blocking, battle fights in shaving cream and putting your feet in slime.

Camp is sadly ending, Wednesday morning we were trying to explode a watermelon by putting rubber bands around it, but it didn’t explode. Then we had to take down the tents.

Imaginarium Camp was lots of fun because I made new friends and had a great time.

By Sarah Littler.