Badges & Thank you

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Thank you from all the Carrum Guide Leaders for your support & patience.

Tuesday night was great to see 6 new junior guides make their promise! Without the parent support & help, our night wouldn’t of been as successful (apart from the timing – my apologies, blame that heat!)

Without the help & support from our parents, we cannot deliver a dynamic program full of fun, badges, games, patrol system & girl driven. It is an important & fundamental part of our unit for both Juniors/Gumnuts & Seniors.

We encourage your daughter to read the “Look Wide Book” to see what badges they want to work on. If they want to work towards a badge, we encourage you to let us know before they work on the badge to make sure there is a “guiding flair” to the badge!

Did you know about our “Action Guide” Badge, it is in the back of the “Look Wide Book”. Each year, they work towards this badge – have a look & get us to mark your daughter off – you will be surprised that is she attends events & guide nights regularly, half of the badge might already been achieved by mid year!

Is your daughter 8 years old? If yes, maybe they might be interested on starting working towards their Junior BP Award?

Or if your daughter is 11 years old? If yes, maybe they might be interested on starting working towards their BP Award?

We will be having an information session next term on both the Junior BP & BP awards.

Yours In Guiding Bickie

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