Details about Connect Camp (as per email)

Camp, Gumnuts, Indoor Camping, Juniors, Longbeach District, Outdoor Camping, Seniors

Parents / Guardians, 

Please read the following information carefully so that you are aware of what is happening this weekend.


Train Travel Update: – (due to the train works on the Frankston line, we have swapped to the Sandringham line)


Time: 8:15 am – Meet at Sandringham Station (no later than 8:15 am please as we need to ensure we have done all our checks before train arrives)

                                9:00 am – Wait on platform for train to arrive at 9:10 am


Where: Meet at Sandringham Train Station in the car park (located on the opposite side of the train tracks)

                                Please make sure you follow these steps: – (this process is essential to ensure that check in is smooth)

1. Check Point 1 – Check in with Leader in Charge & drop in forms & receive cards for next checkpoints

2. Check Point 2 – Medication / First Aid – hand in “clearly marked with name & dosage requirements” to First Aider plus a copy of Action Plans

3. Check Point 3 – Juniors hand in luggage Seniors hand in bed rolls – you will receive a yellow card to go to final checkpoint to wait for train

4. Check Point 4 – Sign In Sheet & Assemble Point


Parking: Please be aware of parking at Sandringham – it may be limited so please allow time to park both Saturday & Sunday.



Juniors – pillow provided, bring pillow case or if you can fit your pillow in bring along


Return Travel Times: –


Time: 3:42 pm Arrival at Sandringham Station


Where: Please wait till we arrive at Sandringham Car Park to collect your daughter & belongings. 

All guides need to be signed out & luggage collected.


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