Tuesday 31st March – ZOOM Sessions

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Hi All,

We are on ZOOM Tuesday 31st March

Juniors & Gumnuts @ 6pm

Seniors & Rangers @ 7pm

Your personal invitation to Google Classroom has been emailed to you – this will enable privacy for our session (by not broadcasting address & passcode here) Any problems, please email/text me directly

Promise Ceremony will be held via ZOOM on Tuesday 7th April. We are working on finer details soon.

ZOOM Tonight

Girl Guides, Girl Guides Victoria, Gumnuts, IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION, Juniors, Kingston District, Online Girl Guides, Pre-Rangers, Rangers, Seniors

We are introducing our Girl Guides Online tonight in a ZOOM session.

Please check our your Google Classroom for Carrum Girl Guides & click on the link to ZOOM session (including the ID & Passcode).

Please be patient as we get everyone online. This has been a process both for guides plus our other working lives…. We are working as quick as we can. If you haven’t received an email, please check your junk email or please try again soon.

ZOOM sessions are for Carrum, Mentone & Beaumaris Girl Guides. We have muted your audio when you join as we anticipate a few jumping on. If you miss this session, we will do it again soon.

ZOOM session for Juniors / Gumnuts is at 6pm tonight (maximum half hour session)

ZOOM session for Seniors / Rangers is at 7:30pm tonight (maximum half hour session)

These sessions are for introductory purposes only. It demonstrate where we are going for Girl Guides


Guides Online

Girl Guides, Girl Guides Victoria, IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION, Online Girl Guides

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping safe in this ever changing and concerning times? The state governments are now in the process of starting to shut down the borders. All we can do is to take note of what the experts are telling us to do.

With this in mind, and as Girl Guides have already shut down all face to face activities, GGVic has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop ways of delivering Guides to girls at home via the internet.

At 9.00am Sunday, you should have all received a message – Girl Guides in your Pocket – with a link to a sneak peak of Girl Guides Victoria virtual Guiding – GGTV.

We are in the process of setting up Zoom classroom meetings for Kingston District – Carrum, Mentone & Beaumaris Guides.  This will eventually enable all the girls to participate in an allocated time for each age group.  So far we have had 3 meetings with 10 leaders, and another one for Monday night to implement our online girl guide meeting. These sessions are designed to help us navigate all the ins and outs of this type of online meeting.

So please if you haven’t already done so, have a look at the message that came through at 9.00am Sunday from GGV.  We want to keep all the girls engaged and this is just one way of keeping in contact.  The Zoom classroom is another. 

I sincerely hope you are all prepared to let your daughters take part in the GGTV and the Zoom classroom sessions, once they get off the ground.  These sessions will be strictly controlled, and will only be available to members on GGV data-base lists.  It will enable girls to continue with Guides and will give them lots of interesting ideas to do at home, including badges, to hopefully keep them occupied while most of us are confined to home. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Tamara (Bickie) or Jan (Minga). Take care everyone in these ever changing  and challenging times.