Junior / Gumnut Program Term 1 2016

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Hi All,

Junior / Gumnut Term 1 2016 Program is now uploaded. There are a few gaps in the program that will be filled after tomorrow night when the girls will program the last remaining nights. Our program is “girl driven” plus relevant to guiding in todays society. I love hearing what the girls want to do & we love delivering their ideas wrapped up into the traditions & ideas of guiding.

When developing our program, we incorporate the Australian Guiding Program (AGP) into the exciting games & activites we program. AGP is based on Physical, People, Practical & Self – making sure we cover Promise & Law, Outdoors, Service, World Guiding, Guiding Traditions, Leadership Development & Patrol System. Want more information, come speak to me at the end of junior guides.

Without parents, our program cannot be delivered to the high expectations that our guides, leaders & parents expect. I have a few spots on the program that need 1 or 2 parent volunteers. This is on top of the now fabulous unit helpers that have committed to 2016! If you have area of expertise that would benefit our young guides please let us know! We love to have guest speakers or interesting topics to discuss at guides or better still work it into a badge for the guides to achieve.

If you want to help at guides, a WWC (Working With Children Check) will need to be organised through Guides Vic (see Tamara or Sam for appropriate forms).

Yours In Guiding, Bickie (Tamara)

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