Patrol Leaders & Seconders for Junior Guides

Juniors, leadership, Patrols

Congratulations to the following guides who were elected as Patrol Leaders & Seconders in Junior Guides.

Kangaroo Patrol Leader is Daisy

Kangaroo Seconder is Aurora

Koala Patrol Leader is Alana

Koala Seconder is Catilyn

Kookaburra Patrol Leader is Matilda

Kookaburra Seconder is Abigail

Pelican Patrol Leader is Ella

Pelican Seconder is Lilli

Patrol Leaders are asked to be role models, respect their fellow patrol members, wear correct uniform, attend meeting regularly & arrrive on time, & assist to guide their patrol members. Seconders are encouraged to do all of the above plus be available if the patrol leader cannot attend. Good luck girls.