Senior Guides tonight


Hi all, just a reminder senior guides are making a taco in a bag. Hopefully everyone is ready to go. Remember that if there is something on the list that you cant eat swap it out for something else or don’t use it at all. For example if you are dairy free don’t use the sour cream, or use dairy free cheese for the grated cheese.

Seniors -National Burger Day



28th May, was national burger day. For girl guides, it was no different. We made burgers!

Every rotation was made of around five girls, who went into the kitchen to mix ingredients for patties, cook them and stack them by themselves. It was a very simple recipe, of which the girls followed with great success. Afterwards, it was for them to enjoy, and it was probably the highlight of the night for many.

Another activity was a game from another country, one where you use sticks as a kind of reverse-tug-of-war. It was very fun, at the center of the hall; it was all that everyone was watching.

The third and final activity was Eiffel towers, with no instructions. They were made of mini marshmallows and toothpicks, and the girls had to figure out how to make a structure that stood up. It was great fun for everyone.

That was our night, very enjoyable, and I think I speak on behalf of our whole troop when I say so.


A thank you from Sarah…


Dear Carrum Senior Guides,


Thank you for coming to the Baby Shower Night at Guides and for your donation.  In total we raised $45 which is equivalent to 15 Birthing Kits. The money has paid for all the soap we will need to make 1000 Birthing Kits in August. Thank You so much.  Here is a web link if you would like to know more about the Birthing Kits Foundation.


From Sarah Littler.

Senior and Pre Ranger Guides – BP Challenge for Sarah Littler


Dear Senior Guides, Pre-Ranger Guides and Parents,


On Tuesday the 21st of May at Guides you are invited to a Baby Shower – with a Difference. I (Sarah) am organising a fun night with lots of information and games as part of my BP challenge. You will learn about the Birthing Kit Foundation. I am trying to help raise enough  money to make 1000 Birthing Kits with ACU Midwife Society in August. It would be lovely if you brought a donation of $3 as it covers the cost of one Birthing Kit.


Hope to see you there


Letters and sewing needles…


Hi all,

If you received a pen pal letter from Singapore and you haven’t yet returned your reply please make sure you return it tonight! We are holding all letters till we receive all back to send. Thanks.

Seniors and Pre-Rangers only,

Please bring in a sewing needle with you tonight.

We will be finishing our ANZAC challenge, getting started on our service project and watching a BP challenge presentation.

Pre-Rangers only

Please have a think about desserts you would like to cook to present to your patrol for your cooking evening in few weeks to come.

See you all then.