Seniors -National Burger Day



28th May, was national burger day. For girl guides, it was no different. We made burgers!

Every rotation was made of around five girls, who went into the kitchen to mix ingredients for patties, cook them and stack them by themselves. It was a very simple recipe, of which the girls followed with great success. Afterwards, it was for them to enjoy, and it was probably the highlight of the night for many.

Another activity was a game from another country, one where you use sticks as a kind of reverse-tug-of-war. It was very fun, at the center of the hall; it was all that everyone was watching.

The third and final activity was Eiffel towers, with no instructions. They were made of mini marshmallows and toothpicks, and the girls had to figure out how to make a structure that stood up. It was great fun for everyone.

That was our night, very enjoyable, and I think I speak on behalf of our whole troop when I say so.


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