Movie Munchies Price List


Carrum Guides Movies Munchies Price List


Hot Food

Party Pies $ 1.00 ea
Party Sausage Rolls $ 1.00 ea
Steamed Dim sim $ 0.50 ea
Hot Dogs $ 2.50 ea
Gluten/Dairy Free Sausage Roll $ 3.50 ea


Popcorn $ 1.50 ea
Lolly Bag $ 1.00 ea
Freddo Frogs $ 0.50 ea
Ice cream in a cone $ 1.00 ea
Bag of chips $ 1.50 ea
Lolly Frog $ 0.50 ea
Assorted cakes and slices $ 1.00 ea


Milk Shake $ 2.50 ea
Milo (hot/cold) $ 2.50 ea
Hot Chocolate $ 2.50 ea
Juice boxes

(Orange or pineapple only)

$ 1.50 ea



Hot food orders are required before Monday night, thank you.


Please note: Gluten free sausage rolls are by order only and we will not have extra on the night so please make sure you order.

Orders can be made via the blog or email


14 thoughts on “Movie Munchies Price List

  1. Can I order a party pie, a party sausage roll and some popcorn for Lilli Meldrum please?
    Cheers Kirsty.

  2. Hi

    Fee would like to order a hot dog and a hot chocolate drink. She is likely to pick on the day popcorn and a bag of lollies!

    Thank you cheers Kim

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Please could we order 2 x hotdogs plus 2 x lolly bags for Rose Robinson plus her brother Adam Robinson – $7 in total
    If any problems let me know on 0415 039830

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