The Change Makers: Prepare to Care Project

Project Introduction: –

Change Makers is a themed-based education programme for Girl Guides of all ages and focuses on three (3) campaigns: Because I Am A Girl; Safety and Me; and Prepare to Care. These campaigns are designed to encourage Girl Guides to explore: human rights and education; safety and wellbeing; and animal welfare. Change Maker Campaign Activity Kits are available from iGGi ( or Girl Guide Victoria website ( and every Girl Guide Unit is encouraged to undertake at least one campaign during the year. Each campaign has an associated badge — available from the Guide Shop — and can be worn for one year on the back of the sash.

PREPARE TO CARE The Change Makers: Prepare to Care project — run in conjunction with the RSPCA (Vic) — explores the role of the RSPCA in the community through the caring of animals and the prevention of cruelty. It focuses on the needs of animals; the importance of these needs and the similarities between people and animals, such as the capacity to feel.

WHAT CAN GIRL GUIDES EXPECT TO LEARN? Participants will learn about animals which have not had their needs met — by reading a specific animal’s story — and will come to understand that animals and people share similar needs and feelings. They will hear about the role of the RSPCA in helping animals, and discover ways in which the community can take action to improve the lives of animals and prevent animal cruelty.

HOW TO COMPLETE THE PROJECT AND EARN THE CHANGE MAKERS PREPARE TO CARE BADGE Participants earn the Prepare to Care badge by taking part in, and completing activities within their Girl Guide Unit and, in some instances, at home.

National RSPCA Cupcake Day – 15th August 2016

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