Girl Guide Clutter Busters – Red Cross Service Project

This is a pilot project with the collaboration of Girl Guide Victoria and Australian Red Cross. The Donation Drive will be a huge success in terms of securing much needed recycled products into our store network whilst also contributing to the guides’ involvement with community service and the various community programs they are individually working on.

A simple to read info kit which outlines why we are doing this and what we hope to achieve as well as the steps to take to make it happen. There are posters to put up, flyers to hand out and the much needed donation bags to fill.

Key to the success of these drives are to communicate with people early enough so they have time to sort their goods so they can make donations, and of course, keep it fun.

Red Cross will get some media and photography support to the necessary stores to ensure that both of us have great photo’s to use across our various publications and social media, and the Red Cross will develop a facebook post to support this which you can also use.

clutter busters red cross project

More information here – PPTClutterbuster

IMG_3883 IMG_3881 IMG_3885

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