Campfire Songs and Games


It was a bitterly cold night, and we were all so much relieved when there was a campfire laid outside. We congregated around the flickering tongues of orange flame, and the heat warmed our frigid hands.

To start, I ran the campfire as a challenge for my BP. We sang three different well-known songs; ‘There Ain’t no Flies on us’, ‘The Bumblebee Song’ and ‘Little Cottage in the Woods’.  Everyone knew the words, and it was very much fun to laugh together while singing.

After the warm and comforting campfire, we remained outside, and Sierra took over with a challenge for her BP. It was an acting game, that made us reflect on the Girl Guide promise and law. We started out in patrols, and each had to create a short skit as fast as we could, for the other patrols to guess. Sierra did a great job running the activity, and I’m sure I speak on behalf of all the girl guides who participated when I say that it was very fun and well-organized.

That was our campfire night at Girl Guides, much fun and excitement had. It is always very enjoyable when girls run the evening.

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