Gumnuts – sashes

Gumnuts, Uniform

As the Gumnuts have been working so hard to achieve their Gem badges and other special badges, the leaders have decided that it is appropriate to offer the Gumnuts the option of purchasing and wearing a sash for their badges.  This is totally optional.  
I’m afraid that there isn’t a perfect time to introduce this change as there will always be girls who have been attending for a while, and I apologise if it causes any upset to anyone.  I thought if we started it now, the girls that are heading into juniors at the start of next year will also get a chance to get their sash and gumnut badge prior to their promise ceremony.  We might even manage to work on a ‘create a challenge’ badge this term! 

We are offering the gumnut-sized sashes to be purchased for $20 which will include the Flowering Gum patrol badge, the unit and region tapes and the state emblem.  Of course there will be plenty of room for all the badges that will be earned as they move through their guiding adventure. 

The (very special) promise ceremony will still take place once the girls get to 7 years old and move into juniors. 



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