Food drive 


Please read information below about a food drive that Niamh is organising for her Junior BP. 

You will be able to see the full poster, (including pictures) at Guides, but if you would like to bring something this week- here’s the information….

Well done Niamh



Last week, as part of my Junior BP, I visited the Chelsea Community Breakfast program and met Ann (a volunteer helper – see photo above).


Ann told me that all helpers are volunteers like her, who enjoy helping the community and making friendships. The program has been going for 10 years and is now a tradition every Wednesday morning from 7am-9.30am.


Most Wednesdays, over 100 breakfasts are served to locals and people from further away. Some people even catch a train to get there.

We need your help!



I would like to do a donations drive for the Community Breakfast Program so please help, on Tuesday night (9th May) and next Tuesday night (16th May), by bringing one of the following things on the list below:

They need any of these things to keep it going:

• corn flakes                                

• Weetbix

• tinned fruit salad

• baked beans

• any kind of jam

• raw sugar

• any kind of tea bags and coffee

• orange juice

I will be delivering these to the Community Breakfast on Wednesday 17th May.

Thanks for you support!


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